Frequently Asked Questions

What is CryptoRevShares?

CryptoRevShares Is a Paid to Click Advertising Platform where you can advertise your preferred Affiliate websites amongst other members of Crypto Rev Shares while earning up to 127% profit monthly from our Revenue Sharing Program .

How long does one Ad Pack run for?

Each AdPack runs for 30 Days. After this period it will expire. Every purchase is handled separately.

How many visit per Ad Pack will I get?

You will get 500 GUARANTEED Visits per AdPack and 5 Login Ads.

How many websites should I visit to earn 127% back?

You need to visit 10 websites every day for 30 Days

Can I earn commission as a Free member?

Yes. We offer a three tiers Affiliate program explained below.

  • Purchases from Payment Processors:
    • Tier 1 will get 7%
    • Tier 2 will get 3%
    • Tier 3 will get 1%

  • Commissions from Re-Purchases:
    • Tier 1 will get 5%
    • Tier 2 will get 3%
    • Tier 3 will get 1%

When do we get Paid?

As soon as you reach the minimum threshold of $10.00, you may request for withdrawal from the Withdrawal page.

Do you charge any Deposit / Withdrawal Fees

No, We do not charge any Fees during Deposit but we do charge 3% Withdrawal Fees.

Can I have more than one account?

You are only allowed to maintain ONE account. More than ONE ACCOUNT IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. If you are caught cheating, your account(s) will be terminated, you will be banned and you will not receive any earnings.

My question is not on this list.

If your Question is not in this list, Please contact our Support

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