How it works?

1. Registration

In order to participate in the program you need to Register first and verify your email.

2. Purchasing Ad Pack

Simply click on the “Buy Ad pack” button to make a purchase. The process is very simple, just enter how many ad packs you want to buy and follow instructions.

3. Minimum and Maximum Purchase

The Minimum Active Ad Pack purchase limit is 1 ($5.00) and Maximum Ad Pack purchase limit is 600 ($3000).

4. Earning by Visiting Websites

You will earn 4.23% daily in the form of 10 Ads for 30 days. In total you will earn 127% in 30 days.

5. Repurchasing AdPacks

As soon as you have more than $5.00 in your Purchase wallet, you will be able to purchase more Ad Packs. Additionally, in order to increase the stability of the program 20% of your daily earnings will go into yout purchase wallet that you can only use to re-purchase Ad Packs.

6. Advertising

When you join, you are automatically given 5 Advertising Slots that you can use to add, edit or remove your sites. You will be given 500 Ad Credits, and 5 Login Ad Credits for each Ad Pack. Whenever you run out of given credits, your website(s) will be removed from Crypto Rev Shares Rotator.

7. Affiliate Commissions

We offer a three tier Affiliate program with 2 different forms of earning:

  • Purchases from Payment Processors:
    • Tier 1 will get 7%
    • Tier 2 will get 3%
    • Tier 3 will get 1%

  • Commissions from Re-Purchases:
    • Tier 1 will get 5%
    • Tier 2 will get 3%
    • Tier 3 will get 1%

8. Withdrawals

Minimum Withdrawal Limit is $10. As Soon As you reach $10, you can withdraw your funds. Withdrawal are open 7 days a week. And it can take 24 – 48 hrs for withdrawal request to complete.

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